The Fuji apple tree is a very cultivated variety for its large red-washed green apples with a fine and firm flesh, tender and crisp, sweet, juicy, very sweet and not very acidic. It can be used as an apple knife, to make compote or used in pastry.



The Golden Apple is a diploid variety from the USA (Seed of chance) around 1880. Medium to strong vigor, the Golden Apple has a quick and regular fruit set. The Golden apple tree is harvested at the end of September at the beginning of October. Golden apple has a regular shape, frustoconical to rounded, yellow-green becoming golden yellow when ripe, sometimes with a pinkish side in hillsides or at medium altitude (diurnal-nocturnal thermal amplitude before harvest). The Golden apple is consumable at harvest it has a fine flesh, crisp and juicy. Medium firmness Golden has a fragrant and balanced flavor (sweet and slightly tart).


Red Chief

The red chief is a beautiful apple with a pretty carmine red skin. Its flesh is firm and crisp and its sweet flavor makes it the favorite apple of children. It finds its place in pies and fruit salads all seasons. Of course, like all other apples, it is essential for slimming breaks thanks to its low calorie intake.