This variety of group Bigarreau or sweet cherry, produces large sweet fruits with firm and crisp flesh. Rather early, it is productive and is harvested from mid-May, without fear, however, particularly spring frosts. It can be planted in relatively cold areas, even in the mountains up to 800 m. For better production, it can be pollinated by the varieties Napoleon or Reverchon, and can pollinate the variety ‘Coeur de pigeon’. This variety is easy to grow and care for.


Black Cherry

The Itxassou black cherry or Beltxa (Basque) is the name of one of the three main varieties of cherries grown in the Basque Country, Itxassou / Itsasu (Basque) and its surroundings.

These Itxassou cherries are sweet (soft-fleshed) lemons that are early.

The varieties are Peloa maturing late May (dark red Bordeaux), Xapata maturing early June (yellow and pink) and Beltxa maturing mid-June (black)