The Chemlal is a local tree with falling trees with lanceolate leaves with high vigor. Are in production is good with an early flowering maturation is late and its abundant production. It is a variety adapted to the arid and productive environment.



Frantoio is one of the main varieties of olive trees grown in Tuscany where it originated. Its qualities have made it adopt in many olive groves of Italy.



These green olives from Seville, in southern Spain are certainly the most fleshy of all.

The harvest is between October and November, while the olive is not fully mature. This early harvest period and natural fermentation give the olive fruity aromas with hints of bitterness and pungency at the end of the mouth.



It is a variety with premature and high production which has a great capacity of rooting. Its flowering is early and its average ripening. The Picual has a great resistance to freezing. Its shape is oval, slightly low, asymmetrical and round. Once ripe, the Picual has a black color. Its oil is powerful fruity taste, very aromatic with a bitterness and a warm taste.



The Arbequina (Arbequine) gets its name from the village of Arbeca in the region of Garrigues in Spain. It is also found under the names Arbequí, Arbequín and Blancal. It is a small tree, resistant to cold and drought and has a high rooting capacity. This variety is considered self-fertile. Entry into early production with high and constant productivity. Its high fat yield allows to give an oil of excellent quality.