Presentation of the nursery

Since its creation in 1999 by the late Djemai Zerrad (formerly of the forest services), the nursery the Nouvelles Forêts du Maghreb is animated by a team passionate about its job: harmony with nature, work well done, the pride of offer high quality products and services.

The nursery the Nouvelles Forêts du Maghreb produces and selects several varieties of fruit plants  (apples, grapes, cherries, olives, nectarine …) chosen for their taste quality as well as for their rate of productivity yield.

After the regrettable departure of the late Djemai Zerrad in 2009, his main successor Ali Zerrad has changed the appointment of the nursery (Zerrad Nursery) to become the Maghreb New Forests specializing in the propagation of olive by cuttings and the installation of agricultural greenhouses .


The nursery the New Forests of the Maghreb aspires to a wide participation in the agricultural development of the region as well as on all the Algerian and Maghreb territory.

In this regard the nursery the New Forests of the Maghreb has set as objectives the following points:

at. The production and marketing of 1,500,000 certified fruit trees per year including 1,200,000 olive trees and 300,000 seedlings between apple, pear, cherry and nectarine.

b. The production and marketing of 500 000 ornamental plants between cypress, privet, palm tree …

c. The production of 50 000 annual and perennial flowering plants

Technical sheet

Total area of ​​the nursery:
25 hectares distributed as follows:

– Cherry orchard: 8 hectares.
– apple orchard: 9 hectares.
– Orchard vine: 1 hectare.

– Greenhouse (acclimatization): 30000 m²
– Greenhouse of nebulization: 3000 m².
– Mother yard olive: 1 hectare.
– Marcottière: 1.5 hectare.

The rest of the area is home to our premises (administration, maintenance park and tools, premises for our employees etc …).