Phoenix palm

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• Requires less maintenance
• Long life
• Attractive look


Washingtonia is a genus of the family Arecaceae (Palms). It was named in honor of US President George Washington.


Deputy familledes Coryphoideae
Tribudes Corypheae
Subtribe of Livistoninae
He shares his sub-tribe with 11 other genera: Acoelorraphe, Brahea, Pritchardia, Serenoa, Livistona, Colpothrinax, Copernicia, Pholidocarpus, Johannesteijsmannia, Licuala, Pritchardiopsis.



Cycads are a kind of tree plants living in hot countries. The sporangial leaves evoking the vegetative leaves, several traits of gigantism – very large leaves, large diameter of the trunks, ovules as big as pigeon eggs, antherozoids (spermatozoa) perceptible to the naked eye … – are marks of age of a group almost extinct.

105 species are identified in East Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, New Caledonia and Tonga. The best known species is Cycas revoluta.



Ligustrum lucidum and vulgare

tree and shrub of the Oleaceae family
(Ash, Lilac, Olive, Osmanthus, Troene)

Common Troen, Ligustrum vulgare

Origin: Europe.
Maximum size: 5 m.
Growth: slow.
Habitat: not very demanding in terms of soil and exposure, but does not like drought too much. Its roots are harmful to neighboring plants.